Chulent Cook-Off

1)The chulent cook-off will be Saturday, January 21st. 

2)Participants in the cook-off should come to the shul Thursday evening, January 19th, at 7pm to assemble their chulents. If a participant needs to come at another time, they should contact Joshua Schickman and Rabbi Rosenfelt to make sure that the kitchen will be available.

3)Participants in the cook-off should purchase their own ingredients for the chulents.

4)Excepting raw fruits and vegetables, all chulent ingredients must be brought to the shul wrapped in the original retail containers.  Participants should consult the shul’s list of approved hashgachot or Rabbi Rosenfelt when choosing their ingredients.

5)An anonymous sponsor has agreed to provide supplementary food for the cook-off, including bread for washing for those that would like to treat the event as a lunch.

6)As in past years, a prize will be awarded to the winning chulent.

SUPER BOWL – Sunday February 5th at 6pm

Come join us for the “big game”. Sunday February 5th at 6pm at the shul.

Hot dogs, wings, beer, the game, fun.

$10 per person. $25 family.

Sponsorship gladly accepted starting at $36

Let Will Herzfeld know if you want to bring younger children. If we have enough interest, we will do a movie/slumber party in the sanctuary.

Will: wherzfeld@Gmail.Com



Sen. Lieberman: U.S.-Israel Relationship Will Improve

The U.S.-Israel relationship is “firm, but it is fraying a bit,” according to former Senator Joseph Lieberman, who recently addressed the topic in a public conversation at The Fleetwood Synagogue with Allen Fagin, executive vice president of the Orthodox Union.jewish

He placed his comments in the context of the personal dynamic between American and Israeli leaders, the Iran deal, the peace process and demographic shifts within the United States.

Though under President Obama, military and security cooperation has been “as good or better than ever,” the personal dynamic between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “not so good… They have very different views.” Read more..


Fleetwood Synagogue, in conjunction with the Orthodox Union, presents the 13th annual
Charles Sidlow Memorial Scholar-in-Residence

The Hon. Joseph I. Lieberman

Former United States Senator from Connecticut
2000 Democratic nominee for Vice President

American Support for Israel – Fading, Firm, or Flourishing?

In recent years, there has been a growing concern among pro-Israel Americans that the historically broad and deep commitment to Zionism in the United States has begun to fray. Are there indeed growing divisions over support for Israel, within and among different segments of American society? Fleetwood Synagogue invites the community to a conversation with former Sen. Joe Lieberman, whose outlook, experience, and expertise provide an informed perspective of unmatched sophistication on this critical question. Mr. Allen Fagin, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union and distinguished communal leader, will moderate the evening’s discussion.

Saturday night, Feb. 6th, 2016
11 East Broad Street
Mount Vernon, NY 10552

RSVP strongly preferred –
For directions and parking information, or to RSVP online, please visit