Chanukah Cookie Baking

Purim Chagiga 2017

Chulent Cook-Off

1)The chulent cook-off will be Saturday, January 21st. 

2)Participants in the cook-off should come to the shul Thursday evening, January 19th, at 7pm to assemble their chulents. If a participant needs to come at another time, they should contact Joshua Schickman and Rabbi Rosenfelt to make sure that the kitchen will be available.

3)Participants in the cook-off should purchase their own ingredients for the chulents.

4)Excepting raw fruits and vegetables, all chulent ingredients must be brought to the shul wrapped in the original retail containers.  Participants should consult the shul’s list of approved hashgachot or Rabbi Rosenfelt when choosing their ingredients.

5)An anonymous sponsor has agreed to provide supplementary food for the cook-off, including bread for washing for those that would like to treat the event as a lunch.

6)As in past years, a prize will be awarded to the winning chulent.